Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
PIN FR plywood achieves B-S1, d0

UPM, a Finnish and global leader in paper and fibre products, has launched a new flame retarded WISA-SpruceFR structural plywood for construction uses. The non-halogen, non heavy metal FR treatment enables to achieve B-S1, d0 (roof and wall) and Bfl-s1 (floors) – the most demanding fire performance and low smoke classification possible for a wood under the EU Construction Products Regulation, as well as and M1 and EN 13986 E1 (low formaldehyde emissions). Fire classification is maintained including with air gaps behind the plywood panels. Because the new FR treatment does not use pressure impregnation, it does not affect the plywood strength and mechanical properties, enabling use for structural and load bearing applications. The panels are available in standard sizes, with optional T&G (tongue & groove), and 15 or 18 mm thickness (to EN 315 tolerance). Because the FR treatment is low toxicity, the panels can be disposed or recycled in the same way as untreated panels.


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