Posted on 27/03/2018 in News 32 2018
PIN synergists to improve PIN FR performance

Bansi Kaul, MCA Technologies, presented his company’s PPMT (poly(piperazinyl,morpholinyl)triazines) PIN FR synergists (see previous AMI conferences in pinfa Newsletter n°s 80, 76, 61).

In addition to combining PPMT with calcium carbonate and ultracarb (a natural magnesium mineral), previously presented, he showed tests of PPMT in EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or HDPE (polyethylene) polymers with PIN FRs and synergists including: kaolin (a natural aluminium silicate clay), piperazine pyrophosphate, APP (aluminium polyphosphate) and siloxane-coated APP, zinc borate, ATH (aluminium trihydrate), MDH (magnesium hydroxide), montmorillonite clay and stearic acid (for intumescence and dispersion). The mechanism of PPMT is presented as the rapid production of resistant intumescent char (reduced shrinking and cracking) due to formation of oxynitrides, which ceramify char structure and increase heat dispersion.


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