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Pinfa 2012 Workshop on FRs in E&E (Tokyo, Japan)

Pinfa organised its 4th E&E Workshop on 14th June 2012 in Tokyo during the JPCA, the Japanese Printed Circuit Board Association.

Here you can download the programme and presentations :


  • Welcome and introduction to pinfa
    Michael Klimes, Adrian Beard – Pinfa
    » Download document
  • Regulatory and environmental drivers for flame retardants in Europe and North America: RoHS and REACH and more
    Ulrich Wietschorke, Hideo Kawasaki – Adeka Corp., Japan
    » Download document
  • iNEMI activities and projects on halogen free materials
    Masahiro Tsuriya – iNEMI – International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
    » Download document
  • Non-halogen flame retardants at Fuji Xerox
    Masayuki Okoshi – Fuji Xerox, Japan
    » Download document
  • Long-term reliability of plastics containing phosphorus flame retardants
    Shinsuke Nakamoto – Panasonic, Japan
    » Download document
  • Phosphorus based FRs for printed circuit boards and other composite materials in E&E
    Adrian Beard – Clariant Corp., Germany
    » Download document
  • Reliable substrates and CCL with Boehmite as a halogen free co-flame retardants
    Carsten Ihmels – Nabaltec AG, Germany
    » Download document
  • Flame retardants for engineering thermoplastics used in electric and electronic equipment
    NN – BASF Corp
    » Download document
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