Posted on 14/12/2018 in Regulatory 2018
Pinfa Activity Report 2018 is now available!

Throughout 2018, pinfa has maintained a high level of activities and commitment to promote PIN flame retardants in Europe and beyond. Indeed, 2018 is a watershed because it has been the first year with operations on three continents: in Europe where it all started in 2009, in North America where it grew in 2012 and now in China, where the thriving market offers many growth opportunities.
Fire Safety is one of the guiding concepts for our organization and we have been busy promoting it for prioritization in European Research programmes, in scientific bodies and in standardization platforms. One of the overarching principles in many sectors facing challenges in the selection of materials, Fire Safety deserves a high position on the political agenda and pinfa will keep pledging support to ensure it becomes more and more visible. Since pinfa is committed to deliver positive advocacy on non-halogenated flame retardants, our resources were invested in mostly three themes where pinfa could make a difference: first and foremost, the continuation of the work undertaken on smoke toxicity ought to deliver excellent sound scientific results on the toxicity of PIN flame retardants formulations. Second, pinfa kicked off a series of electromobility & flame retardants workshops, the first of which took place in Shanghai this November. Last but not least, pinfa maintained activities in its advisory board to collect feedback and constructive criticism over its initiatives.
Finally, 2018 ends in brio, with two new members who strengthen the pinfa portfolio and widen its scope: Schneider Electric, a world leader in the E&E sector is now fully integrated as an associate member and OMYA, one of the leaders in distribution of flame retardants is also a proud addition to the list of pinfa members.

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