Posted on 21/02/2018 in News 32 2018
Pinfa at PVC4Cables Conference

Philippe Salémis, pinfa sector group manager, presented PIN fire safety solutions at the first PVC4Cables Conference. He emphasised different inorganic PIN FR solutions in PVC cables such as ATH (aluminium tri hydroxide) enabling replacement of antimony. He noted that such PIN FR solutions, or PIN synergists such as zinc, boron and tin compounds can reduce smoke emissions from PVC as outlined in some standards (for example: International Maritime Organisation).

Other presentations explained that nano-forms of inorganic PIN FRs can also improve PVC fire performance and smoke emission (e.g. silicon containing Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane POSS) and underlined the role of inorganic PIN synergists in reducing PVC smoke and acidity emissions in fire. Implications of the EU Construction Products Regulation classes for smoke and acidity were strongly discussed by several presenters, participants and the panels.

PVC4cables Conference ‘Sustainability, Innovation, Market: the new Horizons of the PVC Cables Industry’ Lyon, France, 26th October 2017


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