Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
pinfa high-level presentation at UNEP POP convention

Over 120 visitors met pinfa at the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) conference of the parties of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions on Persistant Organic Pollutants (COP POP), April 2017.

pinfa had a stand in the innovation fair, presenting the range of different flame retardants, underlining the contribution of flame retardants to fire safety and explaining that non-toxic and non-POP PIN FR solutions are available. Rolph Payet, Secretary of the Conventions, and UNEP came to the pinfa booth after opening the conference, underling the importance of pro-active industry engagement. Contacts with a number of country representatives confirmed their interest in PIN flame retardant solutions with favourable environmental profiles and their concerns about recycling of plastics containing “legacy” POP FRs.


UNEP COP POP Stockholm Convention website 
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