Posted on 15/11/2014 in News 32 2014
pinfa-na member FRX Polymers in Global Cleantech 100

FRX Polymers, producer of the Nofia® family of halogen-free polymeric flame retardants, has been named to the prestigious Global Cleantech 100 list of innovative sustainable and clean technology companies, an award designated by Cleantech Group, a leading global sustainable innovation research and expertise company. The award list this year received a record 5 995 nominations and was designated by a panel of 84 international experts.

FRX Polymers was additionally placed on the CleanTech Lust List, consisting of the top three Global Cleantech 100 companies who received the most peer validations from the expert panel without any negative opinions. Cleantech state that FRX’s Nofia® PIN flame retardants replace halogenated FRs which are “being phased out due to toxicity concerns” and that the Nofia® products have a favourable toxicological profile, are produced using “green chemistry principles in that its process is solvent-free, creates no waste by products and has near 100% atom efficiency”. Cleantech considers that FRX, which operates a pilot plant in Massachusetts and a full scale plant in Antwerp, Belgium, is well positioned for accelerated growth, as it brings product improvement and environmental benefits to the flame retardants plastics industry.

“FRX Polymers is Named in the Global Cleantech 100”, Business Wire, 16th October 2014


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