Posted on 21/08/2017 in News 32 2017
pinfa new member: Greenchemicals

The Greenchemicals company was established in 2010 and is dedicated to innovative and low environmental impact flame retardant solutions, developing new PIN FR formulations with low or no halogens, with low or no antimony, and which are dust free.

These solutions are mainly phosphorus based, with nitrogen and inorganic chemistries as synergists or to combine FR properties. Design based on FR mechanisms forecasts the optimal formulation, limiting trial tests and saving development time. Achievements to date include: two PIN HBCD replacement solutions; innovative liquefying system for solid PIN FRs enabling optimisation of loading levels by better dispersion (saving costs), avoiding pre-mixing and use of new PIN FR molecules otherwise difficult to handle; P1-P3 systems where phosphorus acts in the gas phase, with efficient synergists; reactive PIN FR masterbatch for PET, PET/PA fibres, PBT, polyurethane, with copolymerisation to prevent FR migration.


Greenchemicals flame retardants and antioxidant formulations 
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