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pinfa stakeholder & industry workshop at ISFRMT

Building the future for flame retardants – Ensuring fire safety and sustainability

The Phosphorus, Inorganic & Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association (pinfa) invites you to its first workshop in the People’s Republic of China as a session within the well-known scien-tific ISFRMT conference.

Key questions on flame retardants standards, regulations and trends as well as fire safety issues in Europe and the Americas will be presented. Their im-pact on the Chinese and Asian market can be substantial, because many electronic and electrical products are exported globally. For local products like building and construction materials, more stringent fire standards are evolving. In addition, flame retardants have to more and more prove their environmental and health compatibility, because these addi-tives are used in large quantities and have given rise to public health concerns in the past. It is key to transition away from problematic legacy products to sustainable flame retard-ants which flame retardant users and the public trust as ensuring fire safety as well as hav-ing no negative environmental or health impacts.

WHEN: 17th June 2016

WHERE: Changchun, China


As the workshop is part of the ISFRMT conference, no extra charge incurs for the confer-ence participants.

For registration to the conference and venue details please see the ISFRMT website.



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