Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Polymer Dynamix

Zheng Qian, Polymer Dynamix – Flame retardant polymers are increasingly complex, requiring expertise to meet different fire performance standards in different markets with increasingly sophisticated FR – synergist – polymer packages posing challenges for processing.

Polymer Dynamix sees end-users across the market, in particular leading wire and cable companies, pushing to move towards non-halogenated FRs and low-smoke emission. This can require new processing technologies or a change in the polymer system. Polymer Dynamix recently developed different versions of silicone based synergist which can be effective in boosting the fire performance and processing aid with different FR systems. Silicones can improve processing at all temperatures. This AMI conference provides Polymer Dynamix with both an overview of FR developments and specific technical information, with information on technologies, markets and regulations, as well as important networking.


Polymer Dynamix is a leading compounder, developing, testing and supplying performance polymer solutions to varieties of industries including to the wire and cable sector and the E&E industry 
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