Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
PolyOne PIN FR cables for demanding Euroclasses

The global specialist in polymer materials and solutions, PolyOne (pinfa member) presented at ‘Wire 2018’ CPR (EU Construction Product Regulation) compliant PIN FR wire and cable compounds meeting demanding Euroclass fire safety specifications B2CA and CCA, as well as the more common DCA and ECA. The compounds are non-halogenated, with low corrosive gas, toxic fumes and smoke emissions. They also offer low dripping, easy processing, smooth finish, high flexibility, stress and crack resistance, electrical properties, and are available in cross-linkable grades, compatible with colours, additives and UV stabilisers. Applications include LAN, optical fibre, low voltage, and cable tubings.

“New European fire safety standards met with PolyOne’s ECCOHTM formulations for wire and cable”, 17 April 2018 PolyOne non-halogen wire and cable compounds for CPR: and See also PolyOne in pinfa Newsletters n°s  12, 40, 45

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