Posted on 07/03/2017 in News 32 2017
Positive reader opinion of the pinfa Newsletter

The pinfa Newsletter is emailed to over 4 500 people. For recent Newsletters, over 600 are indicated by the email system to have opened the email (this may underestimate, as not all email systems return this information).

The questionnaire sent out last autumn registered a relatively low response (72 returns). This possibly not representative sample expressed a positive opinion of the Newsletter (often useful for 64%) and of its redesign in 2016 (64%) Most of the respondents were international, rather than European. Many comments point to the usefulness of information about updates on products and applications. 89% of respondents identify information on “New PIN FR products and applications” as of most interest, followed by 79% for “R&D into new PIN FR solutions”. Most people read the Newsletter as email on their computer (85%) but 20% download the PDF version. Several comments noted the value of pdf as an easy format to transfer. Three quarters of respondents sometimes forward the newsletter to other contacts.

pinfa Newsletter 

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