Posted on 19/02/2018 in Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety News 32 2018
Professional responsibility for furniture fire safety

The UK’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO, 2005) places legal burden for furniture fire safety on the person designated responsible for building fire safety. An article in MDM International Fire Protection summarises how furniture can be specified to ensure safety and compliance, as a function of different building use situations.

It is indicated that fire risk levels for furniture in offices is generally low (occupants are awake, exits are available) but that there is a higher risk in multi-floor buildings, in hotels and lodgings (occupants asleep), in buildings with high numbers of occupants (pubs, clubs: difficulty to exit) and in healthcare premises. Appropriate hazard levels of BS 7176 (seating) and BS 7177 (mattresses etc.) should be specified by professionals according to the identified building risk level.

“Furniture Flammability: Protecting The Fire Safety Professional”, MDM International Fire Protection, issue 71, September 2017





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