Posted on 27/03/2018 in Electric & Electronic News 32 2018
Prominvest low smoke, low toxicity cables

Dmitriy Lyashenko and Valery Moroz, Prominvest Cable Compounds, Ukraine, noted that the market in both Russia and Europe is increasingly pushing for fire performance rated cables, in construction, transport and in specialised industries such as offshore and oil and gas. To combine this with mechanical and electrical requirements, and with cost constraints, new cable compounding solutions are being developed including new polymers, new flame retardants and PIN synergists.

Challenges include flexibility at low temperatures, hydrocarbon resistance and low smoke toxicity, already today required in public buildings and in railway systems. Smoke opacity testing in Russia uses green light (coherent with emergency exit lighting) rather than red light in Europe. Prominvest is identifying opportunities to transfer to cable compounding innovative polymer / FR / synergist solutions developed in other applications.

Prominvest is a leading producer of cables in the CIS (Eastern Europe and Russia) region, producing some 70 grades and formulations of cable compounds with capacity of 45,000 tons per year.


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