Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
Public support for fire codes but adoption neglect

The US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute have issued reports showing public support for fire and electrical safety codes, but widely varying implementation of codes in different US States, so depriving citizens of the protection benefits offered by updated codes. In an independent survey commissioned the organisations, over 80 percent of U.S. residents polled feel that policymakers should make it a priority to ensure electrical and fire safety codes are up-to-date, and 86 percent believe that if they purchased a newly-constructed home today, it would meet the most up-to-date codes. However, the report into implementation of the US National Electrical Code (NEC) shows that wide variations between States in adoption and update, with for example nearly one third of States having skipped at least one update since 2008 whilst adoption delays in some states run to over five years.

“NFPA report reveals wide variations in state adoptions of NEC and neglect of electrical safety”, 20th March 2018 and report “Falling Behind on Electrical Safety: Wide Variations in State Adoptions of the NEC Reveal Neglect of Electrical Safety” 15th March 2018

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