Posted on 15/10/2014 in News 32 2014
Reactive PIN FR for building insulation foam

Johns Manville (JM) has launched a phosphorus-based PIN polymer modifier for polyisocyanurate building insulation foams. The phosphonate PIN polymer modifier used is reactive, that is it reacts with the foam monomers and becomes part of the foam polymer molecules. The ENRGY 3®.E polyiso product offers high R-value (insulation), with low global warming and ozone depletion emissions and can meet UL Class A fire ratings in low-slope roofing applications.

Michael Cusick of JM stated “Our research shows there is a growing need in the market for an innovative roofing insulation product that maintains all of the positive attributes of polyiso, but contains no added halogenated FRs. The lack of halogenated flame retardants also demonstrates JM’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

Johns Manville:

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