Posted on 31/07/2017 in News 32 2017
Report on materials fire testing for offshore industry

SP Sweden (now RISE) has published an 80 page report proposing fire safety testing standards for materials used in offshore oil industry installations, based mainly on EU and IMO test methods.

The report notes that fire dangers are critical in offshore installations, because of the proximity of flammable oil and because of the constraints on escape. Materials used in living quarters should ensure that a fire does not reach flashover, does not spread to another room and offer a high probability that response will be able to control the fire. Materials used in process areas should not burn unless supported by a petroleum products fire and should not worsen fire conditions in the case of a petroleum products fire. SP considers that this requires materials fire testing to cover heat release, smoke production, smoke toxicity, flame spread and burning droplets or debris. Appropriate fire standards and testing methods are specified for materials including thermal insulation, structures, equipment, wall and ceiling surface materials, floorings and deck coverings, tarpaulins, pipes, cables, mattresses, furniture, mattresses, curtains.


“Recommendations for documentation of reaction-to-fire properties of materials offshore”, A. Steen-Hansen & K. Storesund , SP Report A17 20307:1, Feb. 2017

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