Posted on 15/01/2019 in Regulatory 2019
Safe Chemicals Innovation Agenda

pinfa participated at a workshop on 29th October 2018, Vienna, with representatives from the European Commission as well as Netherlands and Austria national authorities in order to discuss a research programme on safe chemicals, which will be proposed for inclusion into the EU’s next R&D funding programme ‘Horizon Europe”. The workshop discussed ensuring that chemicals developed in the future are safe for use, possible trade-offs with performance, substitution both of chemicals and of design/function. This follows the publication by the Netherlands Government of a report by Wood and CSES consultants, developed after wide consultation of stakeholders and scientists. This report proposes to centre action on seven chemical functions, including fire safety. It also underlines the importance of safe chemical design for the Circular Economy (legacy contamination as an important theme for all seven chemical functions proposed).

“Safe Chemicals Innovation Agenda. Towards a research agenda for safe chemicals, materials and products”, Netherlands Government, CSES (Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services) and Wood, K. Bougas et al., June 2018 (71 pages)

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