Posted on 28/03/2018 in News 32 2018
Scott Bader PIN FR coatings achieve rail standards

The global chemical company Scott Bader is owned by its own employees, under a unique charity trustee status. The company’s range includes innovative Phosphorous, Inorganic, Nitrogen flame retardant solutions. Crystic® Fireguard 70PA is a spray gelcoat for applications demanding low flame spread fire safety and low smoke emissions, as well as UV weathering.

Tested with Scott Bader’s PIN FR (ATH) filled Crestapol® 1212 resin, as a glass fibre mat reinforced laminate, HL2 pass rating was achieved under the EN 45545 European railway standard. This enables railway-standard components to be manufactured cost-effectively by closed moulding and pultrusion. Halogen-free Crystic® U1131 TPA polyester resin offers low toxicity and low density smoke emission, and fully cured laminates produced with PIN gelcoat Crystic 72PA are classified M2 and F1 according to the French fire safety Standard and have also passed ASTM E162, E662 and BSS 7239.

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