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Solvay Kalix® for healthcare electronics

Solvay Speciality Polymers has introduced HFFR (halogen free flame retardant) high-performance polyamides for use in mobile healthcare electronic devices (mHealth). The Kalix® 5950 HFFR and 9945 HFFR are glass-fibre reinforced polyamides, flame retarded for fire safety. Kalix® 5000 HFFR’s high flow and low moisture absorption make it particularly suitable for injection molding of large structural components, such as frames, covers, housings and chassis for mHealth equipment such as displays, terminals and modules.

The polymer offers strength, rigidity and dimensional stability, with tensile modulus of 2900 kpsi and tensile strength of 36 ksi, and UL94 V0 fire performance (0.4mm thickness).

“Solvay Introduces Kalix® High-Performance Polyamides for Mobile Healthcare Electronic Devices”, 11th June 2014
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