Posted on 26/03/2019 in Fire Safety 2019
Solvay polymers to make Smart Cities safer

Solvay Performance Polyamides has added new compounds to its range of non-halogenated flame retardant polyamides (see pinfa Newsletters n°39 and 68), adapted for applications in miniaturised electrical and electronic equipment. At only 0.4 mm thickness, UL94-V0 and Glow Wire Ignition Temperature 800°C can be achieved. High processing performance reduces scrap in production and offers low injection tool corrosion, contributing to sustainability. The products specifically target the objective of ensuring fire safety in digital cities, where electronics and connectivity are ubiquitous and inter-connected, and fire safety is essential for equipment operating autonomously, including applications such as smart meters and circuit breakers.

“Technyl® One New Generation: the Safety and Environment Insurance for Digital Cities”, Solvay press release, Lyon, France, 18 December 2018

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