Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
Studying impacts of PIN FRs on smoke toxicity

Pinfa has now published online the initial literature study of impacts of PIN flame retardants on toxicity of smoke emissions in case fire, carried out by CREPIM, France (see pinfa Newsletter n° 85). 135 potentially relevant publications were identified and analysed, concluding there is not much applicable data. Many PIN flame retardant compounds are “low smoke” but further data is needed to enable reliable comparison of toxicity emissions in fire between non-FR polymers, PIN FR polymers and halogenated FR polymers, using market-relevant FR/polymer combinations. pinfa has therefore now launched comparative tests of PIN FR / non-FR / halogenated FR compounds of representative polymers.

“Study 1901/01/166 – How PIN FRs affect gas and soot toxicity of smoke in case of fire? Review of the literature”, 140 pages, C.R.E.P.I.M (2017)

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