Posted on 15/10/2014 in News 32 2014
Sweden launches study to reduce residential fire deaths

Sweden suffers around 100 fire deaths per year, relatively constant over the last two decades, with around 90 deaths in residential fires. The national civil contingencies agency (MSB) fixed in 2010 objectives to reduce to one third the number of fire deaths and serious injuries.

SP Sweden, LTH and the Universities of Karlstad and Malmö have been commissioned studies to assess why initiatives to improve fire safety in Sweden have not reduced the number of fire deaths, what other trends are impacting fire dangers (e.g. trends in interior furnishings and fittings, population age structure) and to identify technical measures and actions to reduce fire deaths and fire consequences.

Brandposten n° 50, 2014, page 18, “Prevention of residential fires”, P. Andersson et al. 
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