Posted on 07/03/2017 in News 32 2017
Swiss TV programme promotes PIN FRs

Swiss TV channel SRF’s “Einstein” programme, 22/9/16, presents the dangers of home fires, with five volunteer ladies seeing full-scale fires close-up, and presents state-of-the-art technologies to improve firefighting and fire safety – including PIN FRs developed by EMPA Switzerland.

The programme opens by underlining that 40 people per year die in 20 000 home fires in Switzerland. Flashover in a small room is demonstrated and explained. Sabayachi Gaan, EMPA, shows that flammable materials (plastics and engineering polymers, foams, textiles, wood …) are everywhere in homes, trains, public spaces. The essential role of flame retardants in reducing fire dangers is presented, and the need for “environmentally friendly” FRs which will respect future regulation. Dr. Gaan presents organic P FRs developed by EMPA which are “non toxic and don’t migrate out of materials”. Tests show how these FRs prevent foams burning.

SRF Einstein “Es brennt, es brennt” (it’s burning, it’s burning), 22 September 2016, in German, whole programme 35 minutes and direct link to the 4 minute section on EMPA PIN FRs

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