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Textile brands action on hazardous chemicals

Further companies have joined the apparel brands coalition to avoid emissions of hazardous chemicals in textile and synthetic leather processing: ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

The coalition now has 70 participating clothing and textile companies, up from 22 in 2016 (see pinfa Newsletter n°68), including names such as Nike, Levi Strauss, Esprit, Gap, Burberry, Adidas, Primark, Betton, Puma, C&A, H&M, Marks & Spencers … The ZDHC excludes the use of chemicals on a MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), which includes a number1 of chlorinated and brominated FRs and TEPA2.

(1=) Listed halogenated FRs include: TCEP, Deca and other BDEs, TBBPA TDCP, BBMP, BIS and TRIS, HBCDD and SCCPs.(2) TEPA = Tris(1-aziridinyl)phosphine oxide – which is already restricted under REACH for use in textiles with skin contact (Annex XVII)

ZDHC: and new members 18/10/2017 and MRSL list

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