Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Textile Rubber & Chemical

Scott Ferguson, Textile Rubber & Chemical – Tomorrow’s flame retardants will need to respect both demanding performance requirements and severe environmental and health specifications. Technical requirements are sector-specific and can include abrasion resistance, non-fogging (reduced migration), smoke emission.

Sustainability criteria are increasingly specified, often leading to select PIN FR solutions. Key challenges include developing FR packages for polypropylene which avoid burning dripping, and adapting FR solutions from polymers to water-based applications. This AMI conference provides information on new technologies which can be adapted to the transport sector where health and environmental safety, fire performance and smoke emission are particularly important, alongside FR cost.


Textile Rubber and Chemical develop and supply specialty coating formulations for various industries including sectors such as carpets, upholstery textiles and nonwoven for automobile, railway and aviation carpets, air conditioning duct insulation and furnishings. 
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