Posted on 21/02/2018 in News 32 2018
The right cladding panels are proven to resist fire

An article in MDM International Fire Protection explains fire performance questions around insulating building exterior panels, and presents a number of real fire case studies which show how appropriately flame-retarded panels can resist even violent fires. The cases are based in the EPIC fire safety performance guide.

Examples include: Clifton School (during building works): polyisocyanurate (PIR) core panels resisted a violent fire in a drum of roof sealant. Wood tape factory Cannock: PIR roof panels did not permit spread of a large fire in the production area to adjacent roofs. Wharfdale Hospital (during building works): PIR cladding panels did not permit fire spread to other floors in a violent fire in stored plastics and paints, despite damage to steel and concrete structure. Spider Transport: PIR cladding panels did not permit spread of a violent arson fire in a van parked against the building. Global Logistics: PIR panels did not permit fire in one industrial building unit to spread to other adjacent units despite fire exposure.

“Understanding Fire Performance Of Insulated Panel Systems”, MDM International Fire Protection, R. Weghorst, 24th August 2017

EPIC (Engineered Panels in Construction) “Insulated panels for external roof and wall cladding. A guide to fire safety and performance in fire”, updated 2015 


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