Posted on 02/11/2017 in News 32 2017
Thermal performance for Bosch car cooling systems

Lanxess thermally conductive PIN FR polyamide has been chosen by SFS Intec GmbH for components of Robert Bosch GmbH fan modules in cooling systems for several international car companies.

The thermal conductivity ensures that heat from the motor and electronics of the fan module is evacuated. The PIN FR material also offers high electrical insulation and tight dimensional tolerance and ageing under heat conditions, necessary in such applications. Excellent polymer flowability ensures that melt pressure during component production by injection molding does not cause deformation of electronic contacts which are integrated into the modular fan flange systems. The PIN FR formulation ensures absence of halides, so avoiding risk of corrosion of copper electrical contacts and metal attachments.


“Modular flange made of thermally conductive polyamide 6 for fan module in car interior ventilation system. Cost-efficient high-performance materials. LANXESS alternatives to polyamides with boron nitride or aluminum oxide filling. Expanding the range of thermally conductive materials” Lanxess press release 
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