Posted on 14/05/2018 in News 32 2018
Towards a Safe Chemicals Innovation Agenda

Pinfa participated at a workshop led by the Netherlands Government on 28th March discussed how to ensure that chemicals substitution leads to safe-by-design chemicals, rather than incremental replacement of banned substances by similar or otherwise problematic chemicals.

The workshop will contribute to a Netherlands national “Safe Chemicals Innovation Agenda”. Flame retardants are one of nine applications proposed as research themes. Discussion underlined the need for better links between supply, demand, application and innovation; the importance of clear and accepted assessment schemes to define what are positive alternatives; and the potential for a structured EU research project to investigate both health and environmental properties and industrial applicability of today’s alternative PIN flame retardants (as was done by ENFIRO in 2010-2013 (see pinfa Newsletter n°36).

“Safe Chemicals Innovation Agenda”, Netherlands Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management (in English)

Workshop details and presentations:


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