Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017

Doug Marti, Trelleborg, explained how PIN FRs ensure fire safety in the very demanding environment of offshore installations. Oil drilling platforms pose acute fire risk and material performance challenges. Materials are required to resist extreme climate conditions, weathering, chemicals, and corrosion while offering 30 to 120 minutes “jet fire” resistance (ISO 22899-1).

Trelleborg uses PIN FRs to achieve this in intumescent coverings designed for steel structure protection against weather and fire and in PIN FR vulcanised rubbers, used for e.g. fire blocks and seals, valve covers, decking materials, and flexible piping systems. Trelleborg’s multi-layer reinforced PIN FR rubber materials achieve this whilst offering design flexibility, for example an easily removable bolt cover, allowing inspection and maintenance as well as protecting bolts from elongation caused by heat in fires which could open joints or structures.

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