Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017

Doug Marti, Trelleborg – The oil and marine industries are highly safety conscious because of the specific fire risks of the sectors and the difficulty of escape in case of fire. This leads to a ‘conservative’ use of materials such as steel, even when new high performance composite materials are now available and certified by safety authorities (US Coast Guard, International Marine Organisation).

Information and training for the industry on new materials and their fire safety performance is therefore important. For Mr Marti, this AMI conference provides new information on new PIN FR materials being developed and offers opportunities to transfer know-how and technologies from one industry sector to another.


Trelleborg employs around 23 000 people in 50 countries worldwide and is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions, it seals, damps and protects critical applications in demanding environments. 
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