Posted on 14/05/2018 in News 32 2018
Typical everyday tragedies

Big catastrophic fires make the headlines, but the daily small fires which kill and ruin lives are mostly forgotten. The US National Fire Protection Association magazine reminds us of these everyday tragedies and provides information on the causes and development of fires where available.

The Jan-Feb 2018 edition includes a home fire which killed two in California, started by a cigarette on an upholstered couch, one killed by a kitchen fire in (starting in an oven and spreading to plywood furnishings) Pennsylvania and another in a cooking fire in Maine, two dead in a Michigan home when a space heater ignited drying clothes and another in Louisiana when a space heater ignited a carpet and books, four dead in Louisiana and one in Illinois in home fires started by electrical wiring faults.

“Firewatch” NFPA Journal January-February 2018


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