Posted on 22/11/2017 in Fire Safety News 32 2017
UK fire sector calls for national fire safety agency

Brian Robinson, 35 years with the London Fire Brigade, President of the UK Fire Sector Federation (FSF), has called for the establishment of a national fire safety agency, to address fragmentation in fire safety regulation and provide an approach to fire safety independent of government.

Such an agency should address standards, oversee enforcement, identify research needs and provide information. In a keynote speech to the Fire Summit (London 11th October) Mr Robinson said that the Grenfell Tower fire should not have happened if the wakeup call of the Lakanal House fire, 2009, had been heeded. Actions are needed to update building fire safety regulations, in particular to take account of changes in building design and use, to update testing, and to oversee regulation enforcement. The UK Fire Sector Federation brings together fire services, fire protection industries and other stakeholders.


“FSF President calls for new National Fire Safety Agency”, UK Fire Sector Federation, 13th October 2017 
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