Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019
University of Lille

Fabienne Samyn, University of Lille presented testing of innovative PIN flame retardant solutions for polyamide (PA6). Guanidine sulfamate, which can be derived from bio-sourced DNA in food processing wastes, and MPP (melamine polyphosphate) were tested at 2.5% + 2.5% loading, showing synergy in fire performance, and enabling UL94-V0 at1.6 mm. The mechanism was thought to be generation of aromatic carbon structures, so increasing the molecular weight (and so reducing the flammability) of gases released from the polymer during fire. The implications of this for smoke toxicity were not discussed. In other tests, vinyl silane surface treated MDH (magnesium dihydroxide) was tested in PA6, again enabling UL94-V0 at 1.6 mm but Glow Wire Ignition of only 700°C (instead of 750°C requested). Water uptake and blooming which are known issues with mineral FRs in polyamides were not yet investigated.

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