Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
US NFPA fire alarm code update

The 2019 version of NFPA 72, the US ‘National Fire Alarm and Signalling Code’ includes a number of significant changes. From 2022, all newly installed household smoke alarms will be subject to a listing requirement (developed with UL) to distinguish between smoke generated by cooking and smoke from accidental fires. The revised code will also now integrate requirements for carbon monoxide warning equipment (until now in a separate code NFPA 720). Taking into account the increasing tendency for integration of alarm and other data systems, the revised code addresses the interface between fire alarm systems and elevator control systems where relevant for evacuation and access, and sending of signals to supervision centres by telephone or internet connections.

“Smarter about smoke”, NFPA Journal May/June 2018, pp. 69-72

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