Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019
Wells Plastics

Gary Ogden sees new opportunities for flame retardants in the expanding markets and new applications. Demand for fire safety can be expected to continue to tighten in sectors such as construction films, wire and cable, automobile and E&E, where innovative synergies with different additives can enable improved performance with cost-effectiveness in these applications. High performance FRs can find added-value niche markets for specialist applications, such as different technical fibres. R&D suggests that novel flame retardant solutions may be developed in coming years. One significant potential sector is flame retardancy of bio-based polymers and fibres, including in fibre-polymer composites. These are growing markets, and customers are looking for non-halogenated bio-based flame retardants, or PIN flame retardants with positive environmental profiles conform to the ‘green’ image of such materials.

Wells Plastics has over 30 years experience in specialist masterbatches and compounds, with a high commitment to R&D at the global level. The company is specialised in tailor-made and technically advanced polymer based masterbatches and compounds for polymers, such anti-microbials, flame retardants, processing aids, biopolymers and oxo-biodegradables. The company drives research and innovation to support the plastics industry and its chemicals suppliers.

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