Posted on 30/03/2017 in News 32 2017
Yellow Card for PIN FR TPE compounds

Hexpol TPE, the global ThermoPlastic Elastomer compounding specialist, has obtained the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Yellow Card certification for all colours of the UV FLAM TPE 60600 range (UL94-V0 3mm).

The company considers that these TPE compounds provide alternative, non halogenated formulations, with mechanical and fire safety performance. The compounds have hardness 30 – 90 Shore A, good adhesion to thermoplastics (such as polypropylene, polyethylene) for overmoulding or co-extrusion, and can be offered with various colours, antistatic or electrical conductivity. Applications include electrical connectors and insulation, wall sockets, gaskets. The Lifoflex FLAM 700 series offers further improved fire safety performance, including DIN 5510-2-2009-05 for railway systems with flammability S2, drip formation ST2 and smoke formation SR2 and FED classification 0.14 (compared to maximum permissible 1) under DIN EN ISO 5659-2 for fume toxicity.

“Additional UL certification for Lifoflex FLAM TPE compounds” 

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