Electrical systems are estimated to be the cause of around one fifth of all fires

Electrical faults like short-circuiting and arcing release sufficient energy to ignite commonly used polymers in electronic equipment, household appliances or electrical installations. Therefore, safety requirements demand the use of flame resistant materials in proximity to live parts, connectors etc. In addition to using metals or ceramics, flame retarded polymers are often chosen, because they have excellent technical properties and are economically attractive.


Pinfa members work together to take forward joint projects and action. Experts from Pinfa member companies cooperate with PIN flame retardant users in different industry sectors, environmental NGOs, scientists and other interested stakeholders.

Current pinfa working groups and
projects are:


The Outreach Project is Pinfa’s pan-European awareness-raising programme

Launched in 2013, it aims to promote a constructive dialogue between stakeholders on a series of issues ranging from fire safety, to the health and environmental footprint of flame retardants and flame retardant containing products. It is in everyone’s interest that high fire safety standards are maintained across Europe. Yet, understanding the complexity of flame retardant products can be difficult, even for experts. Outreach aims to visualize and explain to a wide audience the crucial role PIN (phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen) flame retardants play in fire safety. By reducing the flammability of many common materials and lowering the amount of smoke produced, PIN FR’s can contribute to saving lives by giving people more time to escape in case of a fire.


In reaching out to national governments and EU institutions, environmental NGOs, consumer associations, fire testing laboratories, scientists, fire fighters associations and user industries, Pinfa seeks to establish partnerships and provide all interested stakeholders with a platform for debate and information. We are keen to take part in collaborative projects, and share our knowledge. Are you interested in participating in the dialogue or wish to receive more information? Feel free to contact .


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