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Transport vehicles like aeroplanes, ships, trains, buses, and cars use a large number of flammable materials and are subject to fire risks, pinfa has compiled this 53 page guide to how phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardant technologies (PIN) can contribute to the safety of materials and vehicles. A whole toolbox of halogen-free chemistries is now available providing fire safety solutions for polymers for electrical and electronic components, structural parts, interior panels, seats, cables, carpets, decorative and upholstery textiles, insulation foams. Fire tests applicable in automotive, railway, shipping and aviation are presented, as are innovation and future transport trends, including lightweight construction, electric vehicles, bioplastics, fibre reinforced polymers, comfort and infotainment.

E-Mobility workshops

Webinars – October & November 2020


European Fire Safety Week is organised by European Fire Safety Alliance, an organisation with the mission to reduce the risk from fire in the home, led by the Dutch Burns Foundation and the Fire Service Academy (IFV), with support from industry partners including pinfa.
The pinfa webinar on fire safety in the energy transition to electric vehicles was opened by Elie van Strien, Chair of the European Fire Safety Alliance, and former fire chief in Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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On 28 October 2020, pinfa organised an E-Mobility Webinar on How Flame Retardants Combine Fire Safety and Sustainability in Automotive Plastics, which was attended by approximately 300 stakeholders from the automotive industry, chemical industry, polymer industry and beyond.

Speakers discussed PIN flame retardant solutions in different engineering polymers, cable plastics and composites for EVs, including in developing materials such as epoxies, rigid polyurethanes and carbon fibre composites. The aim was to respond to the needs of compounders and polymer producers, component suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to find PIN (non-halogen phosphorus, inorganic, nitrogen) solutions that do not lead to voltaic corrosion of connectors or electronic components, growth of metal dendrites leading to circuit failures, mechanical or colour deterioration, as well as pose environmental questions

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Darmstadt – November 2019

With this workshop in Darmstadt, the heart of the Rhine Main area, pinfa FGK and the Fraunhofer LBF aim at bringing together the whole value chain on electromobility. Our goal is to kickstart discussions on fire safety challenges in electromobility: while the change towards e-mobility is irreversible, standards are undefined and the automotive value chain appears to be less aligned when it comes to this important topic.
100 participants are expected, from the automotive industry (OEMs, Tier 1 supplier, etc.), from the chemical industry (Flame retardants manufacturers, distributors), from the polymer industry (compounders, recyclers etc.) and beyond (academia, civil society, fire testing laboratories, etc.). Products managers, Heads of Business Line/Unit, Regulators, technical leaders, etc.

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Tokyo – July 2019

The automotive value chain is facing E-Mobility challenges such as compliance with standards and requirements of materials, choice of flame retardants and compliance with fire safety regulations. While the global momentum on E-Mobility is strong, the Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association wishes to catalyze discussions and offer support to the Japanese market.

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Shangai – November 2018

The automotive value chain is facing electromobility challenges such as compliance with standards and requirements of materials, choice of flame retardants, compliance with fire safety regulations and future demands of circular economy. While the momentum on electro-mobility is strong, pinfa wishes to catalyze discussions and offer support in order to enable international cross-fertilization between Europe and other parts of the world. pinfa members prioritized China as the first country where synergies could be created.

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