Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020

Sinikka Freidhof, Lubrizol, presented CPVC, in which the chlorine content of PVC is increased from around 55% to around 67% through a post chlorination process. The modified polymer offers improved rigidity and fire performance following the increase in chlorine content. Typical applications for CPVC have been in piping such as fire sprinkler water pipes, demanding industrial applications, plumbing systems for hot and cold water or – more recently – as an additive in PVC. Lubrizol is actively working on take-back and recycling of CPVC materials. Challenges are to assure correct sorting, so that returning materials are compatible and of homogenous quality. This poses labelling problems: even if pipes are marked, cut-offs may lose the marking. Another challenge is ‘legacy’ additives, such as heavy metals like tin or zinc used as stabilisers in CPVC. Recycling requires to develop collaboration throughout the value chain, including installers, end-users, dismantlers and recyclers, and to propose common solutions, including to regulators.

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