Posted on 19/10/2022 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2022
2-hour fire-rated power cables are PIN

Radix launches 600V cable, UL 2196 (2 hours) to ensure system reliability in a fire, using non-halogen flame retardants. The LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) DuraLife® RHH cable and ancillary components achieve 2-hour fire resistance, ensuring functional electrical continuity, in both vertical and horizontal installations up to 4 cables per conduit. This can ensure that systems such as lifts, fire pumps, ventilation and emergency lighting continue to function in case of a fire in high-rise buildings, hospitals, mass assembly buildings, etc. The cable is easy to install and available in a range of lengths and diameters 45 – 130 mm. It is certified UL 2196 (2 hours), UL FHIT 28E, UL 44 type RHH and meets NFPA 70 (art. 517, 695, 700, 708 & 660) and NFPA 130 and 502 with AHJ approval.

“Radix Announces New Duralife RHH Two-Hour Fire-Rated Power Cables”, 11 January 2022 and  Radix Wire & Cable

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