Posted on 08/03/2023 in Fire Safety 2023
2nd pinfa-NA Lunch & Learn 22nd March

150 participants joined the first fire and FRs learning webinar. The second will recount the 1872 Boston Great Fire with journalist and author Stephanie Schorow, free, Wed. 22nd March 2023, 11h30-12h30 EST (17h30-18h30 CET). For two days during November 1872 a massive fire swept through Boston, Massachusetts, leaving the downtown in ruins and the population traumatized. Boston’s inferno turned out to be one of the most expensive fires in US history. Using witness statements, period artwork and photographs, Stephanie Schorow will recount the history of 150 years ago including decisions that contributed to the conflagration. Increase your understanding on how modern building codes, fire codes and standards were shaped by events as far back as the 19th century!

“The Great Boston Fire – the Inferno that Nearly Incinerated the City”, S. Schorow, Globe Pequot, 2022 ISBN 978-1493054985
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