Posted on 09/02/2022 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2021
Abdullah Al-Mamun, Adler Pelzer

Abdullah Al-Mamun, Adler Pelzer, outlined the demanding requirements set by customers for FR engineering plastics for electric vehicles. Customers want five minutes ignition resistance, that is fire performance comparable to UL94 V0, but this requires levels of FRs which pose problems for processing with existing equipment. Carbon fibres reduce impact strength. Mechanical properties tend to deteriorate after ageing in heat. These problems can be addressed using specific modifiers and stabiliser additives. Customers are also asking for green FRs, recycled fibres, recyclability of plastics and net zero CO2. Adler Pelzer is working to develop innovative and environmentally friendly FR compound packages, with ageing-resistant mechanical performance, for new electric vehicle applications.

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