Posted on 04/05/2022 in Electric & Electronic 2022
Apple, Google & ChemFORWARD

Independent chemical assessments for safer flame retardants for electronics targets PIN FRs. The Science-based NGO ChemFORWARD has announced that it is now working with Apple and Google to implement its SAFERTM (*) value-chain chemical hazard repository for PIN flame retardants in electronics. ChemFORWARD’s SAFER system requires an analysis by an accredited independent assessor, taking into account all intentionally added chemicals and impurities > 100 ppm. Chemicals are assessed based on GHS Classification, national chemical databases and other screening lists, and thus allocated to SAFER categories A, B, C F or U. Category A (“Low hazard and low risk”) is indicated to be equivalent to GreenScreen Benchmark 4, SAFER B (“Some moderate hazards but low risk”) is equivalent to Greenscreen 3 and SAFER C to Greenscreen 2. The aim is to collect full information from the product value-chain, then make the final assessment report available to stakeholders. ChemFORWARD states that, with Apple and Google, a “comprehensive set of chemical hazard assessments” for PIN flame retardants used in electronics is being generated, with more than 20 PIN FRs assessed to date

“Apple, Google and ChemFORWARD join forces to drive support for safer flame retardants in the Electronics Sector”, 6th April 2022
ChemFORWARD SAFER Program Overview, January 2022
* ChemFORWARD’s system called SAFER is not to be confused with ICL’s company methodology for assessing flame retardant risks, see pinfa Newsletter n°79.

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