Posted on 09/02/2022 in Building & Construction Transport Fire Safety 2021
Barbara Bruzzi, MP3

MP3 is specialised worldwide in extrusion of polymer sheet and reel products, used in thermoforming, and the company offers customer-tailored solutions combining into one process extrusion of polymers, masterbatches and additives. MP3 is today developing new markets in technical applications, including in industry and construction, and in transports (e.g. buses/coaches, electric vehicles), where low-smoke and fire performance are increasingly required. MP3’s sustainability, health and safety objectives have led to exclude halogenated materials. This requires finding non-halogenated flame retardant solutions which maintain the same performance. MP3 is particularly looking for PIN flame retardant solutions for ABS and ABS/PC to satisfy tomorrow’s demanding fire resistance requirements, without chemical risk, and with high material performance.

Founded in 1978, MP3 is today part of the ILPA Group (ILIP, AMP Recycling, MP3), Italy MP3’s thermoforming products use polymers including PET, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, PMMA. Applications include automotive accessories (e.g. topboxes), caravan windows, agricultural equipment, bathroom and shower fittings, furniture, personal protective equipment, refrigerators, building and construction, food industry.

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