Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
Bernd Hönig, Constab

Constab optimises formulations to achieve customers’ needs for specific and often demanding applications. PIN FRs are now available which offer heat stability in processing, are melt blendable, easy to process and can be transparent or colour-compatible. However, in some cases, halogenated FRs can enable lower FR loadings or lower costs. Specific expertise can be necessary to ensure processing of some PIN FR compounds (viscosity, temperature). If legislation changes to require low smoke emission in applications such as construction then this would drive a further move towards PIN FR solutions. Another driver could be the increasing customer rejection of antimony, perceived as facing regulatory uncertainty. In particular, PIN FR solutions are not mainstream today for XPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation materials, and polymeric brominated FRs are the preferred flame retardant solution. PIN FRs are today the optimal choice in electrical and electronic applications, including cables, conduits for cables, polycarbonate sheets. Growth is expected in particular in E&E and in cables, with innovation and new requirements for emobility and for smart devices. Recycling of “clean” streams of well identified post production compounds at customers is known to Constab. Recycling of post-consumer plastic waste is much more complex. Very effective sorting is necessary and respecting processing temperature limits for PIN FRs can be a challenge.

Constab (Kafrit Group) is a leading masterbatcher and compounder, with five production plants across the world, integrating R&D, testing, compound design and production support. The company develops and supplies for sectors including packaging films, agricultural films, pipes, insulation foams, construction barriers, fibres, nonwovens …Constab is a world leader in BOPP (biaxially orientated polypropylene) but also supplies compounds of polystyrene, polyethylene, polycarbonate …

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