Posted on 15/05/2023 in Furniture & Textiles Fire Safety 2023
Bio-based PIN FR for cotton textiles

Bio-sourced taurine reacted with phosphorus and nitrogen for a wash-durable PIN flame retardant for cotton-nylon blends. Taurine is a sulphur-containing amino acid derivative, widely found in animals and plants (the name comes from its presence in bull’s bile). It was here reacted with phosphorous acid (a P4 derivate) and ammonia solution, then reacted onto cotton-nylon blend textile (150 g/m2, 87.5% cotton, 12.5% nylon) by soaking with a catalyst and a swelling agent, resulting in a 2% P and 1% S loading (but lower N, higher C than in the neat fibres). LOI was increased from 18.5% to 37% and afterflame / afterglow eliminated in a vertical burn test. LOI was still 29% after 40 wash cycles. The FR mechanisms were identified as char formation and release of non-flammable gases. Olé.

“Improving the fire performance and washing durability of nylon-cotton blend fabrics by the incorporation taurine derivatives”, L. Li et al., Progress in Organic Coatings 171 (2022) 107018,

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