Posted on 24/06/2021 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2021
Bio-based PIN FR for wood fibre materials

Wheat starch modified with P and N showed to be an effective FR for wood fibres and industrially processable. Wood fibres are widely used in heat and sound insulation materials, and are recyclable, compostable and non-toxic, but are flammable. Industrial wheat starch is widely traded (global market c. 4 billion US$) and was here modified with standard nitrogen phosphorus compounds (e.g. the MAP mono ammonium phosphate, widely used as a fertiliser). Treatment of wood fibre at 10% loading of the P-N-modified starch resulted in improved fire performance comparable to a commercial flame retardant. Industrial applicability was tested at a plant of the insulation manufacturer GUTEX (Germany), with c. ½ tonne of FR processed, showing not significant foaming or clumping in processing and good dispersion. The authors conclude that this bio-based PIN FR could be a serious alternative FR solution for wood fibres.

“Flame Retardancy of Wood Fiber Materials Using Phosphorus-Modified Wheat Starch”, S. Gebke et al., Molecules 2020, 25, 335;

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