Posted on 14/02/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
Book: ‘Green’ flame retardants for polymers

Wide R&D perspectives for bio-derived and green mineral, phosphorus and nitrogen flame retardants. A definition of a “Green Flame Retardant” is proposed (page 363, W. Tang et al.) as: including at least one bio-based or its synthesis respects at least one of the twelve principles of Green Chemistry. Written by around 50 scientists from China (mainly) and worldwide, the book covers as “Green flame retardants” (FRs): bio-derived FRs, including with active phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N); mineral-derived FRs and ‘green synthesis’ of PIN FRs. Bio-derived FRs presented include both natural chemicals, such as alginate (N) and phytate (P), and those produced by combining bio-derived organic chemicals (lignin, furfural dopamine …) with P and/or N (e.g. phosphoramides, phosphonates …). The chapter on mineral FRs covers both widely used commercial PIN FRs processed from natural minerals or chemically synthetised, as well as research into possible use of waste materials (fly ash). More than half of the book presents “Green synthesis” of FRs, covering both possible new chemical routes to current commercial PIN molecules and new PIN molecules proposed in research publications.

“Green Fire Retardants for Polymeric Materials”, 450 pages, ed. P. Song, Y. Zhang, X. Wen, UK Royal Society of Chemistry, 2024, 224€ for-Polymeric-Materials

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