Posted on 28/05/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
Book: materials fire testing methods

300-page book presents fire resistance testing of construction materials, insulation, cables, furniture, textiles, furniture, and also dust and liquids, smoke and toxicity and science of fire modelling and large scale tests. Both standardised test methods and specialised specific tests are presented, in particular for the building sector (construction materials and building contents). Principles of flame retardancy are presented and effects of flame retardants on the different tests are considered. The book aims to assist students and scholars in deepening understanding of materials fire behaviour and to contribute to future improvements of testing methods and so improved fire prevention.

“Testing of Materials for Fire Protection Needs. European Standard Test Methods for the Building Sector”, L. Osvaldová, W. Fatriasari, 2023, Society of Fire Protection Engineers Series (SFPES), ISSN 2731-3638I,

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